Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some Of This, Some Of That

We had a very busy weekend and, in typical fashion, it flew by leaving me to feel sort of discombobulated at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, we accomplished quite a bit, which is no small feat considering Christian also had a volleyball tournament this weekend, but there is still so much...and the rest of my night is going to be spent on the sofa watching tv, wishing I could make Sunday night last forever.

Saturday morning, after ballet, with all the time in the world:

I will start off today by apologizing for the fact that the morons in my neighborhood, once again, voted for William Jefferson. I have no explanation and if you want to think we are all fools, so be it, because it seems to be the case. There is hope that he will not survive the run-off against Helena Moreno next month. I am doubtful; I have no faith in the voters in my district.

Now, off of the politics and on to the good stuff. La Luz was hard at work this weekend. First, the Halloween decorations. She insisted that we needed decorations outside of the house to celebrate Halloween. Those of you who know me understand that I do not have much Martha Stewart in me and very little patience for crafts. That said, I acquiesced and bought some of that white spider-webby stuff I have seen on houses around town. I figured it couldn't be too hard to use. I was wrong. I managed to get La Luz, Loki and myself caught up in it and the end result looks so miserable that I will have to say La Luz did it. Despite looking like it was put up by a crazy person, La Luz loves it and screams every time we go in and out of the gate. The rest of the decorations were easy, pre-made stuff that didn't require much installation. It is definitely nothing fancy, but far more festive than it was before we started.

Here's La Luz, helping me install the web:

The second chore was sanding and painting an old piece of furniture that has been in need of a rehab for some time now. La Luz loved helping Christian sand and paint and I was thrilled that my services were not needed. Unfortunately, neither of them were particularly careful while painting so I spent about an hour trying to get paint out of La Luz's hair and off of her skin - not an easy task at all. Christian managed to get a chunk of white paint in his hair and, although he is very preoccupied with it and asked me to cut it out, I had to break it to him that it is not noticeable thanks to all of his gray.

Here she is, hard at work with Christian:


Kitty Brown said...

What, no finished product pictures? We FINALLY put out mums yesterday -- October just snuck up on me.

Sara said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend. I too am sorely disappointed in the Jefferson situation. The ignorance continues to boggle my mind, but it wasn't surprising. Hoping we can get the Moreno voters out next month.