Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BBV Update

Things have been so incredibly busy around here that my time as a pregnant lady is flying by. It is hard to believe that the baby will be here in just a few months. I am actually starting to get the nesting sensation again. I can feel the desire to nest creeping up on me and it is a little unsettling. There is not much that has to be done before the arrival of bbv, but considering how hectic things have been and how the weeks feel like days, I think I better get busy making lists and taking inventory.

I had a doctor's appointment and the glucose tolerance test yesterday. I passed the glucose test - very strange considering I failed it when pregnant with La Luz. I was very careful about what I ate the day before the test the first time. I stayed away from carbs and was careful not to eat too much sugar. This time I ended the night with a glass of chocolate milk and some cookies I got on one of my recent flights. I can't understand why that didn't cause me to fail.

As for other important information, the baby's heartbeat is still in the 140s, La Luz's was always in the 160s. Overall, things look good. I have another ultrasound, since I am of advanced maternal age, in early November. It will be nice to get another look at the little guy before meeting him in person.

Christian and I are both feeling a little overwhelmed, like we were crazy to consider throwing a newborn baby into the chaos of our lives. I know we will be fine once the baby arrives and we fall into a new routine but, in the meantime, the anticipation is incredible.

One of these days when Christian is not totally preoccupied with volleyball I will get him to take a picture of me so that you can get an appreciation for how much my belly has grown over the past month. Wow.

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Mary Cox said...

I miss y'all! I love to nest even though i have no children , so if you want someone to come help you nest or prepare for my new little friend! I am only a flight away and i will be there in a heartbeat. Tell Lucy i say hello!