Thursday, October 23, 2008

Me, 7.5 Months

Here are a few pictures of me and my belly taken earlier tonight. Please excuse the messiness in the background and La Luz's general ragamuffin look. Like I said, it has been a bit crazy around here. In fact, I didn't even get home from work until around 7:30. I think we will have some time this weekend to restore order around here. There are no guarantees, however, as there are many activities in the lineup - Boo at the Zoo, Oktoberfest and Voodoo Fest.


Kitty Brown said...

You look great. Just fabulous, actually. Lucy, too.

Mary Cox said...

cutest pregnant woman i have ever seen!

Anonymous said...


You look soooo good. I gained 50lbs. when I was pregnant with Chris.

Love & miss you

Robincita said...

Cute little pregnant woman! Congratulations! I'm sure you and Christian and Lucy are so excited!

Send me an email when you get a free moment....I realized I don't have your address: Chat later!