Monday, October 13, 2008


La Luz brought home a sort of questionnaire that we were supposed to fill out together as a family. The questions were all about her birth and the period of time before and after her arrival and what we did (or didn't do) to get ready for her. To help clarify that she was actually a baby at one point we showed her some of the video from her first few minutes of life. She has seen pictures of herself as a baby plenty of times but the video is something new (or at least something she hasn't seen in a long time). She can finally (sort of) process that the baby in the video is her. However, she kept saying things like, "why is HE crying?" and "what are they (the doctors) doing to him". There are a few things about the whole ordeal that she wasn't wild about - the fact that there was a lot of crying involved and the fact that I was lying down in the bed. She kept asking why I wasn't getting, because I couldn't feel my legs, okay. When I explained to her that I will probably be in the hospital for a few days after her little brother is born she wasn't thrilled. I am glad I have a few months to gradually get her warmed up to the idea.

Seeing the video really made me think about the arrival of baby #2. I know the next few months will fly by so I am trying to make it last and remember every minute of it. Basically, after looking at the footage of La Luz as a baby, I am totally psyched. I think Christian is a little pumped too - for the first time.

And now, a picture of the bug in her Sleeping Beauty crown on the front porch. Yes, she is posing again. I don't know who told her it was cute to tilt her head and put it in her hand like that...

Weird sunshine and shadows...I need to get a sun shield for my lens.


Christian said...

More importantly, what did she do to get that Sleeping Beauty crown?

Kelsea said...

I bet she got it for FINALLY going to the potty at school.

Props to Lucy!