Monday, October 27, 2008


At Christian's urging we decided to take La Luz to Oktoberfest last Saturday night. Unlike most NOLA babies, La Luz is three years old and this was her first Oktoberfest. I guess that is due, in large part, to my reluctance to take her there. It is usually very crowded and generally much more about drinking beer and hanging out with friends than it is anything else. I am sure Christian was motivated by the food (and the beer) and figured it would be a great experience for La Luz. I am much less motivated by the food and can't really drink much beer right now so I was reluctant, but willing to give it a shot. In a million years I would never have imagined La Luz would enjoy it so much. I knew Christian would be in heaven but the bug, no way. I was proven wrong, way wrong. She loved the food - sausages and cabbage rolls and warm doughy pretzels (okay, I loved those too) and enjoyed watching the crowd - even the drunk people smoking literally right over our food - but the highlight for her, the best part of the night by far, was the music. She did not stop dancing. In fact, I only have one picture from the night because she was in motion the rest of the time and I couldn't catch her. Who would've thought my girl liked a good polka?

Waiting for the next song, hoping it is (for the tenth time of the night) the chicken dance


Anonymous said...

Oh Uncle Johnny and Aunt Ruthie would love to teach her the Polka! I can't wait to see her do the chicken dance and I will join her.
Love & Miss you all

Kitty Brown said...

Who doesn't love the Chicken Dance? Such a cute little one. Looking forward to seeing your dad tonight.

catherine said...

Reason number 5007 I'm so excited to be coming back to NO: The sentence "Unlike most NOLA babies, la Luz is 3 years old and this is her first Oktoberfest." I love and miss y'all tons! xoxo