Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Hobgoblin Of My Little Mind

There's much going on these days it seems. Some of it is really great, like the cold weather, the Sox in the World Series, and Sarah's wedding at the end of next week. Some of it isn't really great and isn't really fit for public consumption. All of it is a good reminder of the stuff that life is made up of, the good and the bad. All of it is also a good reminder that consistency works best for some of us. I like that there are some things that I can count on, that in the morning coffee will make me feel better, that people will continue to write books and music that will make me laugh and cry, and that La Luz will always be part of me.


Kitty Brown said...

Hope you guys are doing well, cryptic posts are worrisome. I can't wait to see Lucy's Halloween pictures next week! Oh, we're trying to work out a trip down your way in December -- will you guys be there b/t Christmas and New Year's?

Hal said...

Your post made me think of something I read on this morning. You might appreciate (and agree with) what this lady has to say. I certainly did.