Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucky You

Just around the corner, nestled between what appears to be an abandoned building and a smoke shop, is a new candy store. I love candy and shopping so it is only natural that I am attracted to this place. I have no idea how a purveyor of Smarties and Charleston Chews makes enough money to stay in business, much less make a decent living. I will do my best to keep the lights on at Lucky You and hope that any of you candy lovers in New Orleans will help as well. There is a great selection of sugar free candy for diabetics and health-conscious candy lovers. By Mardi Gras they will open the back patio and have Mad Hatter Tea Parties for kids. I think the store is a great addition to the neighborhood and am happy to have an excuse to eat more gummi bears.

Here's La Luz polishing off a gummi ice-cream cone after a successful potty-training episode:


TOITA said...

Now I know exactly where I am going to spend some time during my next trip there!!

Marigny said...

I brought my 6 year old into Lucky You and she actually said "This is the most awesome store I have ever been into!" Unlike Blue Frog or Sucre you can leave with a bag of candy for under $10. For Easter you can fill eggs with candy and pay per egg (I think about .75/egg). Great Shop!

Nanny Lauren said...

I'm planning on having my 21st birthday party here... you're never too old for candy!