Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Will You Be?

Sox are up, again. I am really hoping that they sweep the series. I would love to see them sweep because it would be incredibly cool, but also because I am exhausted and would like to go to bed at a reasonable hour for a change. I imagine that at this point the Sox fans living in the Eastern time zone are walking around like zombies, finding it tough to go about the day's business.

The weekend was lovely. The weather was perfect, even if a bit on the chilly side at times. We went to Boo at the Zoo on Friday and I somehow managed to convince La Luz to wear the full Cinderella regalia for the occasion. The crown only lasted about 10 minutes but she kept the dress on (though at times to her displeasure) for the duration of the night. Here she is on a haystack:

This was Christian's favorite part of the night, for obvious reasons:

In keeping with the Halloween theme, La Luz dressed up again for the Wilson boys' birthday party on Saturday morning. This time it was the dragon and, I have to admit, it kinda' rocks:

While under La Luz's strict supervision, I single-handedly carved three pumpkins on Saturday night. La Luz selected somewhat elaborate jack-o-lantern faces from her Disney Princesses, Sweet and Spooky Halloween book. Half way through the first pumpkin I was exhausted, my hands were arthritic, and I doubted whether I would be able to complete the job. Fortunately, I managed and even found the energy to sort through the guts and pull out the seeds for roasting in a day or two.

Tonight mom and pop came over for dinner and by the time they left at around 8 La Luz was totally wired. She was literally throwing toys and bouncing off the walls, but I suppose that is the effect that grandparents are supposed to have on their grandkids. I hope she gets some rest tonight and tomorrow because I know the rest of the week and next weekend will be busy with Sarah and Cheairs' wedding festivities.


lindavaicius said...

Aunt Linda says.....Thanks Julie, Your wish came true. At about 12:45 this morning the sox won the world series.......

The Boston RED SOX are the world Champions!!!!Yay!
You can check out my blog to see the last out in the 9th

Lucy looks adorable in either costume..
Love to all.

TOITA said...

Hey!!! I like that picture too, because of obvious reasons (too!). I share that kind of nerdy side with THE DUDE!! hahahahaha!
Of course la Luz always looks awesome...and GO RED SOX!!!



lindavaicius said...

thank you toita!