Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Sunday Night Sounds Like

I love when the Saints play, win or lose. I especially love it when the Saints play football on Sunday night and the weather is perfect - so perfect that everyone in the city has their windows open. Tonight while Christian cooked our dinner on the grill he was prompted by the shouts coming from every house on the block to run inside and check the t.v. The Saints had just blocked a punt and the neighborhood went wild. Later, while I was bathing La Luz, I didn't worry too much about missing the game because I heard the shouting after a touchdown all the way up in the back bathroom of our house. It is interesting that our brains know how to translate the good shouts from the bad. The differences are subtle and when the Saints play you have to know them both very well. Hopefully we will hear some more good shouting before the game is over.

If the Saints win tonight there will be so much time spent evaluating what we did different this time around. I am not talking about how Drew Brees threw the ball or whether the offensive line finally got their act together. I am talking about the stuff of superstitions and obsessive compulsions. Josh and Erika are currently on their way back to Chicago after being in town for a wedding and are missing all of the game. Does a win mean Josh can't watch the Saints play again, all season? He will probably say, "yes". Does it mean I have to wear my Desire NOLA t-shirt and pajama bottoms (yea, I know, but it is Sunday night after all) and make a meal out of candy corn? Maybe, but I hope not. Maybe it means that La Luz gets to stay up past her bedtime and spend the better part of the game running around in nothing but a diaper and my ruby-red flats. Either way, I anticipate there will be much hemming and hawing about what to do and what not to do over the next week. I prefer that to feeling heartsick for the Saints any day of the week.

Here are some pictures of La Luz outside of P.J.'s on Saturday morning. We were right back there again on Sunday morning. She is so fascinated by looking at houses for pumpkins and Halloween decorations that she is able to walk from our house to P.J.'s with ease. Of course, what should be a ten minute walk ends up taking 45 minutes, but I don't mind. These beautiful fall mornings together are my favorite.

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Nana said...

My Buttercup is really enjoying herself in these pics.
Love & Miss you all