Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Music Next Door

There are a few good bands playing in New Orleans this month. It starts tonight with the Lucksmiths at Hi Ho. Unfortunately, because the show does not start until 10 or later, we really couldn't get a babysitter for La Luz. The show will probably run until close to 1 or 2 and all of our night-time babysitters are students. So, tonight I am home with La Luz while Christian checks out the show. Tomorrow night Rilo Kiley is playing at The Republic. I have missed them a few times and regret it terribly. I really want to see them tomorrow night but 1.) Christian and I cannot both go (money and timing issues) and 2.) I am not wild about the idea of going by myself and am not sure I can talk someone into going (particularly since Christian already talked Gerrish into going with him tonight).

Later this month is Voodoo Fest. There are quite a few bands I would like to see this year. We haven't decided how or if we will be able to attend.

Not being able to go to shows is one of the only things I miss about having kids. It used to be so easy for us to go to shows, and we had no hesitation about checking out bands simply out of curiosity. It is different now, but it is not just a logistics/economics thing. By about 9:30 p.m. my desire to lounge around on the sofa with a glass of wine is much stronger than my desire to stand for three or four hours in a smoky bar listening to people talk louder than the band (and that ALWAYS happens at shows in this city). I am not sure if my lethargy is related to age or motherhood.

Wednesdays are always long days for La Luz. She has to stay late at school in the after, after care "plus" program (the one for really neglectful parents who don't seem to have time to fit kids into their lives or, as I call it, those that work full time) and after I picked her up we went over to the gym to watch the remainder of the ASH v. St. Mary's volleyball game. We were all exhausted by the time we got home a little before 7:00. After a day like today, I am glad I could spend a quiet, peaceful evening with the bug instead of spending the night racing around to get ready for the show.

Here is a picture of La Luz swaddling Achoo:

and going to sleep on the floor with Christian and various 'bun buns':

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Charlotte Benton said...

Julie - hi - I saw your link on NOLA mom's website - she is a friend of mine - anyway i live in Old Metairie - saw your lil girl who is PRECIOUS in the ASH uniform - my husband went to Tues Tours today! and i cant decide if my 19 month old will go next fall for T2 or wait one more year and go to T3 - i have her on the list for the Little School.....i really enjoy your blog