Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just One Near Perfect Thing

I am leaving tomorrow for a client-development trip to Virginia and will not be back until Saturday. I am feeling pulled in a million directions right now and am not at all ready to go on a trip. I was up until almost 2 a.m. last night finishing a project for work and spent the better part of today finalizing it and trying to prioritize what needed my immediate attention. The rest is packed in a folder waiting to be dealt with sometime in the next few days, assuming I can find a quiet moment to get some work done.

On top of the incredible amount of work I have to stress out about, I am really not thrilled about leaving Christian and La Luz. It is always tough being away from them. I have to admit, however, that I added an extra night to the trip for my own personal benefit. I wanted to spend one night visiting Sarah and Cheairs in Richmond. I am really looking forward to that portion of the trip.

I need to finish packing and get some rest. I hate to sound like Woody Allen but the second I sat down to type this post I realized that the right side of my throat sort of aches a little. I guess I must be catching a cold. Great timing.

Here's what I will be thinking about while I am away:


Molleetz said...

Pick up some Airborne Gummi Lozenges on your way out of town - they work wonders, according to Sarah J :)

TOITA said...

Hey dude!! I am already tired of reading you! Take Care on the next couple of days..send Sarah my congrats from here..and we all be missing you too!!