Monday, October 01, 2007

Nachita Libre

Yesterday Christian and I took La Luz to the Disney store to pick out a Halloween costume. She is really into Disney princesses so we figured we might as well indulge her a bit and let her dress up as a princess for Halloween. The Disney store was fully stocked with costumes for every character imaginable. I remember the uncomfortable costumes when I was little - vinyl with hot, plastic masks. I was miserable in most of the store-bought costumes I ever wore and I think they customarily broke after a block or two of heavy-duty trick-or-treating. Ultimately, I think I opted for homemade costumes, favoring comfort over style. A personal favorite of mine, and one that was quite easy to throw together quickly, was the hobo costume - old jeans or overalls, dirty white t-shirt, makeup/dirt on face, stick with kerchief tied around the end.

As expected, La Luz was completely overwhelmed by the selection. She initially decided she would like to dress up as Ariel; then it was Nemo. After about ten very long minutes of debating, she chose Cinderella. The dress is unreal - the most frilly, tacky gown imaginable. The costume is not complete without a crown, shoes and magic wand (even though Cinderella doesn't actually have a magic wand in the story). I drew the line at the shoes. I can't imagine that La Luz would get very far in hard, plastic, high-heels. She can wear her crocks instead.

Oddly enough, after all the excitement at the Disney store, once we got home La Luz headed straight for her bin of dress-up clothes and pulled out the dinosaur costume. This is the costume that Christian picked out last year. It is the costume that we begged La Luz to wear for Halloween and Mardi Gras to no avail. She loves it now, of course. So, I guess there is no telling what she will actually be for Halloween. The options are endless:

While La Luz was running around the house with the dinosaur hat on she reminded me of the wrestlers that wear masks,like Nacho Libre.


Christian said...

I am sorry Julie but I hope the dragon wins out and she is over Cinderella by Oct 31st. You have to admit, that is cute. OK if anyone reads the comments please vote:
Dragon 1
Cinderella 0

lindavaicius said...

AUNT LINDA VOTES FOR "CINDERELLA", Sorry chris but I still love you!
So I guess it's even:
Dragon 1
Cinderella 1

Fulton said...

The Dragon is perfect! If Lucy doesn’t wear it I will put Emma in it.
Dragon 2
Cinderella 1

(Sorry to get into the middle of a family debate but I felt this was important and Christian needed backup)

Papa said...

Uncle Gedy says all little girls want to dress up as CINDERELLA.

Dragon 2
Cinderella 2

Stacey said...

Coming from the utmost girly girl and mother of 3 girls, I have to say I side with Julie on this one! If she dresses as Cinderella, which I think she absolutely should, she would match her cousin Delaney and they could be twins. We too spent a while at the Disney Store and Della came out with the same outfit! Now that being said, there is room for 2 cinderellas at the Halloween Ball so I say Cinderelly Cinderelly........Sorry Chris.
Dragon 2
Cinderella 3

Scarlet said...

Alas...Maddie is going as Ariel, but had a tough time choosing between Cinderella and Ariel. When a little girl puts on a Princess dress, she is immediately transformed, and Queen of the world! I say Cindrella - but actually somebody has to go as a LSU mini-cheerleader.

Dragon 2
Cinderella 4

Brad said...

I got ya back Christian

Dragon 3

Just show her how much fun it is to tromp over toys n roar n she will be the dragon for sure!