Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day With The Ponies

La Luz and Christian had yet another holiday today. While I was at work they went to the racetrack to watch Uncle Walker's horse race. It was La Luz's first horse race and she apparently loved every minute of it because I had to hear all about it all night long. The late start time for the races meant a very late nap time for La Luz and a somewhat exhausted two and half year old by the time I got home from work.

This is what I came home to tonight:

Practically asleep on the sofa

Why is Christian intimidated by barrettes? Yes, her hair usually looks like this when I am not around to dress her. She also wears converse tennis shoes with dresses when I am not around.

All in all I think it was a holiday well spent. I am sad that I missed it.

1 comment:

TOITA said...

hahah! usually guys do not get it when it comes to hair work, don`t worry!!!
It was a well spent holiday sorrounded by horses lucky Lucy girl!!!!