Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let The Seasons Begin

I have plenty of pictures from the past few weeks that I am itching to post. There is no easy way to quickly upload the monstrous photographs so I have been putting it off. My concern is that if I don't do it now I won't ever do it and then the initial purpose of the blog (my desire to chronicle, at least in part, La Luz's life for friends and family who are far away) is lost. So, please bear with me while I indulge a bit and post some of the pictures taken over the past few weeks.

La Luz and Christian enjoyed a few days together before my vacation started. With the exception of the day that they kicked around the house while the duct work in the attic was repaired, they were very busy.

One of the more exciting excursions was a trip on the streetcar to the aquarium and to visit me at work. I think the streetcar is La Luz's preferred method of transportation these days. She has already been on two rides since the St. Charles line reopened:

Here she is in my office, "working". She certainly makes it look like fun.

They also spent an exciting afternoon at Kelsea's playing with (terrorizing) Noodles the cat:

La Luz and Molls at Christmas Eve mass at St. Patrick's:

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve at GG's. It is amazing how impossible it is to get two toddlers to sit still for a picture. Consequently, these are the best ones of La Luz and Edward together:

I will post pictures from Christmas day and the Atlanta trip over the weekend so as not to inundate everyone.


Nola ( said...

Love the one of her at your desk hard at work!

Scarlet said...

Okay...suffice it to say that the shot of La Luz in the streetcar, with her smocked dress, is going in a frame and in my office!!!!

Scarlet said...
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