Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here's To A Productive New Year

In a somewhat amazing escape from what is usually my reality I had an incredibly productive holiday season this year. I suppose it helped that I stayed away from the office and even managed to avoid obsessing about checking my blackberry every hour. Here are some of things I was able to do:

Spend time with my family and friends, my favorite part of the holidays.

Finish The Omnivores Dilemma and then spend the next few days feeling anxious, wondering what to do with all of the information.

Read half of What Is The What and spend the rest of the vacation feeling heartsick for the Lost Boys.

Open presents.

Watch La Luz open presents.

Watch La Luz act completely underwhelmed upon the discovery of the 'orange' car but go completely insane over the unsolicited, Hello Kitty lipstick.

Watch Xian flip out over the 360.

Spend approximately 18 hours in a car with a dog and a toddler.

See Juno. It was totally entertaining and made me smile and laugh.

See No Country For Old Men. Good god that was frightening. Javier Bardem will be my boogeyman for the rest of my life. Thanks Joel and Ethan.

Run 16.2 miles in the North Georgia mountains, take a wrong turn and reach the top of one right as the fog lifted. Forced meditation and an incredible blessing in disguise. I was lucky that morning.

Listen to a ton of music and podcasts on the new ipod nano Santa left under the tree.

All in all it was an incredible week and a half. I am sad it is over and that it is back to reality and all that brings with it for me right now. 2007 ended beautifully but 2008 is already starting out pretty intense. I am well-rested though, buckled in and ready for the ride, happy to have those in my life along side.


Scarlet said...

I am so proud of you I could bust! 26.2, here you come!!!!!

ummmhello said...

Sounds like you've closed out one year right, and have a great beginning for the new one. Good for you :)