Monday, January 28, 2008

More Firsts Of The Season

I had an incredibly long day at work followed by a trip to the New Orleans Arena for my first Hornets game. The Hornets beat Denver without even breaking much of a sweat. Even though the game was not exactly exciting, it was an entertaining evening. Professional basketball games are not really just about basketball anymore. There is so much to look at other than the game itself that it causes a bit of sensory overload. Every minute of the game something is being thrown or given away. Once or twice a quarter spectators engage in dance-offs and random seats are selected for money or other awards. It is something to see for sure.

I am also dealing with my first running-related injury and am feeling completely deflated. After being sidelined with a bad cold last week I started running again over the weekend and developed some pretty uncomfortable ankle pain. It is not a pain I have ever experienced before and it feels like tendonitis. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be improving, which could make finishing the marathon training program impossible. I am optimistic that it will heal, but I just don't know if the healing will happen fast enough.

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TOITA said...

Hey Jules! well if it is a tendinitis or something not very serious try some ice locally and do not run for a couple of days....if the pain is still there then I guess you should go and see a doctor...
I kind of know what you are talking about! hehe!
Hope it is nothing serious!

take Care