Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Another Reason To Be Here

There are many reasons why I love my family. Those reasons are, in large part, what fuels my desire to stay in New Orleans. My extended family is extremely close. My cousins are like siblings, my aunts and uncles are like second, third and fourth sets of parents and my grandmother has been a constant source of support who, in large part, has created this wonderful, dependable, loving extended family. I never downplay the role that my family has played in my life, never take for granted the friendships that I have with my cousins, never doubt for a second that any one of them would be there for me if necessary and I have never been proven wrong. Tonight was just another reminder about how important my family is to me.

My mom and dad have been in Houston for about three weeks because pop has been sick. Three weeks is longer than we expected and I am very homesick for them and tired of trying to explain to La Luz where they are and what they are doing and when they will be back. Yesterday was Richmond's birthday and my mom and dad were not around to celebrate. My mom is great about making birthdays special, even for people in their 30s who no longer have any huge desire to celebrate birthday. It just didn't feel the same without them around forcing Richmond to blow out candles and open gifts.

Things felt right earlier tonight though. In mom and pop's absence, Aunt Julie planned a Sunday evening supper in Richmond's honor and it couldn't have come at a better time. I definitely needed an excuse to spend time with my family and La Luz needed a good dose of love from her aunts and GG. All in all it was a perfect night - we ate a delicious dinner, celebrated Richmond's birthday with king cake, and watched football. The only thing missing was mom and pop.

Climbing on Richmond

Helping him blow out the candles

Finding the baby - you can rig it now since they no longer hide the baby

Watching football

Happy Birthday Richmond!

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Kitty Brown said...

Happy birthday Richmond! Looks like you guys had a great time. Tucker loved his birthday king cake too, thanks to YOU! The baby was hidden in ours though . . . hm.