Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving The Goalposts

My cousin Jane's high-school soccer team came to New Orleans for the weekend to play a few soccer games. During the Hurricane Katrina evacuation a bunch of New Orleans high -school students ended up at Jane's school and, consequently, the girls became friends and stayed in touch. Eventually the girls decided that the schools' soccer teams should play each other. So, La Luz spent a great deal of time watching Jane and her team play out on the soccer field this past weekend. I hope that La Luz gets comfortable out on there because I have a feeling Christian is going to force her to play whether she likes it or not, having already decided that she is too short to play volleyball. I would like to see her taking ballet classes or maybe tennis but I am not sure if I will have much of a say-so in this matter.

Here she is serenading her stuffed bear (which she refers to as a dog) just before leaving for the soccer game:

and in the stands, watching the game:

and coming off of the field:

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Scarlet said...

Maddie Belle may be interested in soccer, too. Beau's first season on the soccer field was mostly spent picking flowers, and re-creating Power Rangers moves, while serving as the goalie.