Sunday, March 30, 2008

Idle Time

These days I find myself with fewer and fewer free days. The work week is stressful enough and, more often than not, the weekends are hectic and a bit stressful as well. One of the many things that stands out about my childhood is that I didn't ever feel over-programmed. True, there were crazy weekends and busy summers, but overall there was plenty of time for good old-fashioned playing. The best place to do that was (and still is), in my opinion, in Thibodaux. It was even better if my cousins were out there at the same time and that was usually the case. I wish La Luz's cousins lived in town so that she could have the same experience. For now she has to make do with the adults and the dogs. Finding ourselves with no plans, we headed to Thibodaux on Saturday and it was the perfect way to spend the day.

There was plenty of work going on around the place (mostly at the hands of Aunt Margot and Uncle Walker) to get everything looking perfect for the party next Saturday. Mom and AJ joined in the work and tackled the somewhat daunting task of sprucing up the dollhouse. For a full report you can check out (PWAC CC members, I think you will appreciate the update to the old clubhouse).

It is going to be a crazy week. I am having that typical 'Sunday evening before the work week starts' distress.

Here's a pic of La Luz and Pop in the golf cart, accompanied by Chloe:

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TOITA said...

Lovely picture!! And you know I love Thib. so i am sure every single moment spent there was, is and will be wonderful!!!