Sunday, March 16, 2008

It Is Only 48 Hours After All

The weekend flew by, again. The weather was perfect. There was absolutely no way to improve it. Maybe it was a little on the toasty side when in the sunshine on Saturday, but if you could find a bit of shade it was just right. No complaints really, other than that the time went by too fast. When it is beautiful outside there is no time for sitting inside and lounging about. In retrospect it feels like we didn't stop, ever. In between various activities we worked on La Luz's potty training - my least favorite part of the weekend.

Saturday was spent, at least for a few hours, in the heart of the Irish Channel celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Jessie and Beau's house.

Here's La Luz in Jessie's St. Patrick's Day wreath:

The azaleas are in bloom all over the city. Here's La Luz passing by a particularly thriving batch on the way home from the parade.

Earlier today La Luz and I supervised Christian as he hacked away at the enormous banana trees in the backyard. I love them but our neighbor is not wild about them and they do have a way of taking over the yard. We kept a few of them but removed the ones that encroach on her yard.

Here's Christian with the most apropos shirt ever:

I am kidding, of course, it was a terrible task.

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a late afternoon run with Loki. I got in some great runs this weekend and I am relieved that I still enjoy it. I was worried that I would be feeling burnt-out after the marathon but that is not the case. If anything, I think I might enjoy running a little more now. I have a different focus though, I would like to work on improving my speed. It is something I have never paid attention to or cared about before.

We ended the weekend at mom-mom and pop's. Mary Cox and Aunt Kate are in town visiting for MC's spring break so we all had dinner together, along with one of Molly's friends who is in town from NYC and got to meet Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton at the Make It Right pink house project earlier today. Pretty cool.

Here's the bug with MC on the back deck:


Smartphone said...
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Scarlet said...

I love that you are still pumped up about running! How 'bout a sub-4:00 next year - or maybe even faster??? You are so inspiring how strong you finished!

Kitty Brown said...

Aaaahhh so jealous -- I miss spring break.