Monday, March 24, 2008

La Luz, Easter Weekend In Atlanta, 2008 - Part 1

We spent the weekend in Atlanta at Nana and Papa-T's house. Christian's cousin, Frankie, was in town with his wife, three kids, and their family pet, Divet, the Australian Shepherd. Aunt Ruthie was also in town visiting. We were at max capacity for most of the weekend - 9 adults, 6 kids, and two dogs. I don't know how Nana and Papa-T do it but I didn't doubt for a second that they enjoyed every minute of the chaos. I am a quiet person for the most part and I require a good amount of private time. I have learned, however, to enjoy every minute of weekends like these because I know it is the stuff that makes memories.

When I woke up this morning La Luz was whimpering in her bed. I went in the room to check on her and when I asked her what was wrong she told me that it was "just because she missed her cousins". I smiled and my heart ached a little bit because I remember feeling exactly the same way and I am grateful that her heart now knows it too.

La Luz, Easter Sunday dress, courtesy of Aunt Julie

La Luz and Liam, on Nana and Papa-T's deck

La Luz, Riley, Wes, Teagan, Liam, and Connor - ready to hunt for eggs

Dyeing eggs

The O'Rourke Kids

Loki and Divet - fast friends

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Anonymous said...

One of the best times of my life, being around the family!