Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Please Allow Me To Introduce, Star Catcher

As I imagine is the case for most kids between the ages of two and three, La Luz's affection for certain toys is unpredictable. So her fascination with Star Catcher should not have come as a surprise. It started a couple of weeks ago when La Luz watched Fantasia at Margot's house for the third of fourth time. Fantasia. It is very strange - a movie I always had trouble sitting through (though I admit it is probably some defect on my part because I know there are countless remarkable things about this movie) - and she LOVES it. Her favorite part involves Bacchus getting rip-roaring drunk and Thor causing a total ruckus. Seizing the opportunity to enrich La Luz's life with anything involving mythology, Christian immediately scoured the aisles of the toy store in an attempt to find a pegasus. Star Catcher was the result of his hard work. I am, I suppose, happy he didn't come home with a centaur, something La Luz has asked for repeatedly. I guess I know what's next on the shopping list.

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TOITA said...

Don`t feel bad..As you know, I am a big fan of kid`s movies (ask your Mom about me watching Shrek for the 10th time on the TV room and laughing out loud!)but ALWAYS had trouble with FANTASIA too...I don`t know why..I just don`t get it or it does not make me want to sit and watch it...who knows!?!?!