Monday, March 10, 2008

We Are So Made In China

A few days ago, one of the afternoons when I was working from home, taking care of La Luz, another great treat arrived in the mail. As far as I am concerned there are few things more exciting than brown packages arriving at my door step. I sort of suspected I might get this, I hoped for it in fact and, sure enough, it came when I least expected it.

Hal sent me (well, really it is inscribed to both me and Christian) a copy of this book:

It is a book that I am very curious about and cannot wait to read. I wanted to go to Baton Rouge when the author was speaking a few weeks ago but with work, volleyball, and La Luz, the logistics of arranging an evening excursion to Baton Rouge were more than I could manage. No worries, I am now the proud owner of a copy of A Year Without Made In China.

I love the smell, look, and feel of new books - especially hardback books. I have probably mentioned it before a few hundred times. I also love taking a look at the author. Usually I am pleasantly amused, like when I first saw a picture of David Sedaris (I was even more amused when I saw him at a reading and realized how diminutive he is) or just fascinated, like when I first saw a picture of Dave Eggers. Occasionally I am jealous, like when I realized Jhumpa Lahiri is younger than me, beautiful and an incredible writer. It happened again when I looked at the jacket of this particular book. I saw the image of someone who looks like she could have been a movie star and I am amazed - a writer, an activist (of sorts), and a beautiful girl.

Later that night we celebrated the birthday of some toy or another. They all gathered around the table and imaginary cake and we sang for one or another of them. These dolls are all made in China, all likely fully leaded. I am the anti-Bongiorni and it is clear that it is not just the flowing blond locks that separate us. I can't wait to read more.

La Luz spent the afternoon at AJ's followed by dinner at GG and Papa George's where she acquired "Brownie", a motorized dog and her favorite new toy. Papa George presented "Brownie" to La Luz earlier this evening and she hasn't put her down since then. Brownie is motorized so she runs and begs and yaps and is the next best thing to a real lap dog. I just hope La Luz doesn't activate the "on" switch while she is sleeping tonight.


R. Eustis said...

Bongiorni's husband Kevin is on my Ph.D. committee. He's an immensely cool guy. (I haven't read Sara's book, though. It isn't on my reading list...)

Scarlet said...

I got the book "The Omnivore's Dilemma," after hearing you and Kitty rave about it. I have read about 60 pages, and already I am horrified! I, the carnivore, will likely not be eating red meat anytime in the near future. The only word that comes to mind is reckless disregard for the health (safety? vitality?) of the planet. I'm also intrigued by the China book. You must write a full book review when you're finished!

Kitty Brown said...

I read a review of that book recently, and had been debating picking it up. Since TOD now has me spending twice the time in the grocery store that I was before (now I have to read those labels and see what my chicken ate before I can eat it), I'm not sure I'm up for this one! You'll have to report back.