Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Part 3

Here is the last batch of Easter in Atlanta pictures. These were taken at Adams Park, near Nana and Papa-T's house. Every city should have clean, safe parks for kids. There should be jungle gyms, nature trails, tennis courts and baseball diamonds. Why is the value of free recreation for children so underestimated in our city? It seems so obvious to me that it is a cost-effective way to make a difference.

This made La Luz very happy. I think it is the first time she has ever run bases. As much as Christian hates softball (he retired from coaching softball two years ago and swore he would never do it again) he is certainly turning La Luz into quite the softball player. She already has a an accurate arm and is a decent catch.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Scarlet said...

I love her sweater - presh!