Monday, March 17, 2008

Your Diction Dripping With Disdain

I am addicted to these guys:

They played at Tulane last week. For free. I missed it because, oh yeah, in the middle of the afternoon I am at work. Oh well. I should have made an exception. What a shame. Overall, this cd is just great fun. Smart but silly lyrics, catchy melodies, what more do you need? There is only one track that annoys me (and I have to fast forward to the next track because it is so dumb and boring). See if you can figure out what one. My favorite tracks are, in no particular order:

Oxford Comma, The Kids Don't Stand A Chance, and M79

La Luz enjoys a little Vampire Weekend too. Her favorite song is Oxford Comma. I am glad she can't really understanding the lyrics.


Molly said...

M79 is totes my favorite. I, too, am addicted.
And hey, it's not like the rest of us made it to the concert either :)

Anonymous said...


I just got back from SXSW in Austin, where Vampire Weekend and a bunch of other great bands played- it was incredible. When i was checking in at the airport to head back to NY, Vampire Weekend was in front of me checking in too- kinda cool. Another great band you may like is MGMT. I recommend Time to Pretend, Kids, and Electric Feet. Also check out The Whigs- they are from Athens and i am friends with the drummer.

-Little Lou

Christian said...

Did you see Blair play at SXSW. She is a MCA girl who has been getting some good press from SXSW?

She is just about your age or a year or two younger.


Anonymous said...


Didnt see Blair. I actually didnt see too many well known bands because i didnt have a wristband, and the lines to a lot of the popular ones were literally around the corner (impossible to get in). Still fun anyway.


Julie Vaicius said...

Thanks for the recommendations Lou.
I will definitely check them out - or more likely - ask the guy that creates the soundtrack of my life to fill me in.
I am jealous that you went to SXSW.
I have always wanted to go.