Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's a Dog's Life

So, I still haven't decided what book I should read yet. I am thinking maybe I will read the new McSweeney's that arrived last week and is nice and crisp and just sittin' there waiting to be held.
I asked Loki but he didn't have much to say about the matter.

I am still trying to find Saints v. Falcons tickets for the September 25th game. It is, after all, on my birthday. I heard on the news that Douglas Brinkley said something about how the game was an historic event because it really symbolized the rebirth of New Orleans or some such nonesense. Please. I want to go all the same though.

La luz had a great day from what I understand. During the week I see her for so little time but I have it on good authority that she was dancing at daycare and later in the day sunned herself on the back deck while watching Abbey eat her dinner. My, what a day!

I am off to sleep as I am scheduled to meet Gerrish for an early morning run with Loki.

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