Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When All Seems Right With the World

When I stepped outside at 6:20 a.m. suddenly everything felt lighter. I should have known what was in store when the alarm clock first went off at 6:00 and Loki was in my face - looking, breathing, whining, begging. It was more intense than usual. How do dogs know that it feels incredible outside and that they are missing out? The second we got outside Loki started jumping, yapping, twirling, twisting, and pulling. He wanted to go somewhere far away and he wanted to get there fast. It is amazing what a difference 10 degrees make. I think we would all be happier if it didn't get so hot around here. I know for a second there I didn't care about my M.I.A. mayor, the crime right around the corner, the work sitting on my desk, the monthly bills, the future of social security; none of that seemed to matter.

Loki worked up quite an appetite after our run this morning. La Luz was there to supervise and make sure he ate every bite of his food. I realize we are not supposed to let them near each other during mealtimes. I pulled her away right after I took the picture.

We took advantage of the nice night and bbq'd. La Luz supervised from the beach chair that Nana gave her. We set it up on the deck so she could simultaneously watch Loki act like a fool in the yard and Christian operate the grill. It was perfect.

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