Monday, September 11, 2006

Shake Well

I sort of already addressed 9/11 in a previous post but I can't let the day pass without mentioning how incredibly inspiring the stories of everyone immediately impacted by the tragedy can be and still, five years later, how incredibly sad. I guess that I commemorated the day by remembering all of the people that are important to me and I hope that you all did the same thing.

Now, on to the trivial things that make up my life...

La Luz was up and upset for most of the night last night. She had a similar incident once last week. I thought for sure she was in serious pain or something in her room was scaring her, alot. I checked her head - no fever. I removed the night light (in case it was casting weird shadows on unsuspecting stuffed animals) and I removed everything from the bed except the blanket, bun bun, and penny lane (the cat). No dice. Somehow we made it to the morning and she finally settled down when Aunt Julie came over to watch her so that I could go to work. She improved so much that she was even entertaining when GG stopped by for an impromptu visit.

Notwithstanding the speedy recovery, I decided it was best to take her to the doctor to rule out any medical problems. I knew that if it wasn't an ear infection or a sore throat it had to be a ghost. When you live in an OLD house that looks like this:

chances are some old Irish family lived there with their 5 kids and one (or maybe all) of them don't cotton much to interlopers. So, could it be that Edmund, Cecilia, and Eulalie Mullaney are trying to restake their claim that dates back to 1907 or is it the Covey spinsters who reportedly lived in the house for decades looking to kick us out? God, please let it be an ear infection.

According to the doctor, it is not likely either of my suggestions. And, yea, I realize there is probably a permanent note on La Luz's file that reads: mom believes in ghosts. What can I say, it's true. At the end of the day, the doctor thinks it is nasty congestion that La Luz has been dealing with since probably the second day of daycare. By the looks of the other kids, I think it might be a permanent condition for all daycare kids. At any rate, she prescribed some antibiotics. I am reluctant to give them to her but mom's right, the doctor knows more than I do. So, La Luz, welcome to Prescription Nation:

Because what most of you want to see is a picture of La Luz, here you go:

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