Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Still High From the Night Before

We were blessed with another beautiful day in New Orleans. The kind that make you want to scrap work and goof-off. Needless to say, it took a bit longer than usual to get it together and get out of the house this morning. La Luz and Christian were still euphoric from the Saints' big win last night.

I purposefully dressed La Luz in her fancy dress from Mami and El Jefe in Argentina today. I am still recovering from seeing her in the Bush jersey all day yesterday.

La Luz and I spent the evening with mom-mom at our Turkish friends' house celebrating the start of Ramadan. The start of Ramadan also means the return of the moon, thankfully. La Luz has been looking for it and asking about it non-stop for about three days now. She was ecstatic when she saw it, or rather, the tiniest bit of it, hanging up in the sky tonight.

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TOITA said...

Well, well! HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! Yeess it`s mee! believe it or not...The ARGENTINE SISTER is back...(not that I ever left!)..what can I say that you already don`t know...I loved "LA LUZ" hahaha! The Saints, well I knew there would be a time when the rest of the people would appreciate them (I have my tatto for several years now to prove it!)..So my dearest friends..here I am...missing you a lot and hope to see you soon...LOVE YOU ALL