Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let It Rain

After another relaxing weekend in Thibodaux, La Luz, Loki, and I returned to New Orleans to find Christian and a whole bunch of rain. Loki was not happy about it.

At about 5:30 it had tapered off a bit so I decided it would be safe to run to the park. It is rare that I have more than about 30 minutes of time to dedicate to exercise so I have to take advantage of the opportunity to spend some time running whenever it comes along. Sure, it was a bit damp outside but what difference did it make, I was about to spend the next hour doing nothing but running. I left behind Loki, La Luz, and the ipod - none of those things do well in rain - and set out on my own. I realized that it was the first time in over a year that I was running without something - dog, baby, music. It was peaceful. I could hear the sound of the rain hitting the trees and then the pavement and the colors were perfect. By the time I reached the back of the park it was an absolute deluge. It didn't bother me until my shoes became so saturated that it required extra effort to lift my feet and my clothes became so wet that they clung to every curve. At that point there was no reason to stop. So, I kept going and the rain washing over me was, I think, just what the doctor ordered. Once I got home I could see just how much rain had come down. We now have a little lake in the front of our house, Lake Vaicius:

For their part, La Luz and Christian didn't let the rainy weather get them down. Instead, they came up with a new game that provided hours of entertainment, Noah's Arc. The object is to put a bunch of crap in the basket (La Luz is apparently the only one who knows what is supposed to go in it), then climb into the basket so Christian can push it around the living room, but only around the living room so as not to miss any of the game. After being pushed around the room everything has to be thrown out of the basket only to start the process all over again. I know, captivating, right?

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