Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Luz, Rest Your Head

La luz spent most of the past weekend running around in the fresh, country air.
Consequently, she had some sleeping to do last night and we actually had to wake her up this morning. C and I stood outside of her door at 7:30 sort of mimicking back and forth at each other, lifting eyebrows and throwing arms akimbo in an attempt to not wake her up while deciding whether to wake her up.

We spent the weekend at the house in Thibodaux, Louisiana and visited with a bunch of my family. La luz wasn't allowed to swim on account of a bad cold she had at the end of the week. Votes were split on whether swimming would make the cold worse. I erred on the side of caution because nothing is more misreable than being the parent of a sick toddler. The weekend was perfect until the last 5 minutes. The car was packed and we were saying our good-byes and while we were doing that Loki snuck away an dove into a muddy ditch, something he hadn't done all weekend. C was pissed when he had to give him a last minute bath.

I finished March and, though I think it was incredibly well-written, I don't understand why Mr. March had to have an affair. If you haven't read it yet I am not spoiling some great surprise so don't get upset. I just thought it was lame. I am not sure what to read next. Right now I am finishing all of the magazines people left behind at the pool. I suppose I will eventually reach my threshold for celebrity gossip and fashion trends.

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