Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Loveliest Girl I Know

Christian and I were supposed to go to the Sufjan show tonight but becuase I was up at 3:30 a.m. with La Luz (diaper rash and serious congestion) and then again at 5:30 for pilates and I just didn't think I would get enough out of the show to justify spending almost $100.00 (tickets for two, parking, babysitter, drinks), we didn't go. I know I might regret it tomorrow. I usually do when I pass on shows I know I want to see. It happened with Jeff Buckley and now I will never see him.

I don't know though. Maybe it isn't about the diaper rash and the congestion or my long day. Maybe it is that I don't want to give up any of the limited number of nights in my life when I will be able to rock La Luz to sleep and read Tumble Bumble and kiss her chubby hands. Maybe even 50 years from now I wouldn't trade the Sufjan show for a few hours with La Luz:

Would you?

My love for her has a crippling effect and I hope that never changes.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful entry! I look forwrd to this every am. Amor y besos, M

Anonymous said...

That was Lovely! you honestly made the right decision....I would want to spent every moment possible with such a sweet and Beautiful Daughter. She will grow up so fast right before your eyes....

Love to all, Linda from Weymouth,