Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Suri With a Fringe

So, at long last we get to see a picture of the spawn of TomKat and she is adorable. She looks like a mini-Bjork or an Inuit. She has a ton of hair though, right? It looks like she has on one of those baby toupees from I know becuase I thought about getting one for La Luz way back when.

It reminded me so much of another picture:

Actually, it didn't remind me of it at all, I just wanted to show you a picture of La Luz at the same age.

I left work a bit early this evening in time to make it to the ASH volleyball game. We made it in time for the last two matches and the easy victory. For any 14 month old, no high-school volleyball game is complete without some of this:

and some of that:

But for La Luz, the thrill was not in the victory but rather in the open, glowing court and the chance to dance on the cardinal's head with the rest of her friends...

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