Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something Like Normal

I was sort of dismayed by Nagin, again, when I read some of the coverage of his "100 Days and Counting" speech. If you are going to bother setting a 100 day goal of sorts, and you are going to make a speech (something you have done only rarely over the past year), you should make sure you have something more concrete and inspiring to offer your public than, "an essential city service [trash collecting] has returned to something like normal." Okay, well, in all fairness he didn't say it, Couhig (his adviser in charge of 'quality of life' issues) did. It came from his 'team' though, and it isn't true. Our trash gets picked up once a week, usually. But I digress...I guess I was just hoping for something bigger. Now I feel kind of like I have been feeling for the past few months - that nothing really good is happening and that it is going to take some sort of miracle for things to get to where they need to be around here. I really want things to be better but I feel like it is an insurmountable task.

Now onto the really important news. When I dropped La Luz at daycare, Ms. Sherrill asked me if I knew that she could talk. I must have looked stunned because they all started nodding and saying, "oh yeah, momma, she can talk". No kidding she can talk. She talks all the time and has been for months. She repeats pretty much anything you want her to, knows most animal names and sounds, household objects, family members, and can even sing portions of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "ABC", and "Ring Around the Rosie". I was mystified and kinda' sad that it took her this long to say something. They were particularly impressed becuase she knew the word "zebra".

Tonight was peaceful around the Vaicius house. The first thing Lucy wanted to do when she got to her room was dig through her new purse.

Here are some pics:

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