Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All The Things I Forgot Aren't So Easy

Last night at about 3 it started to rain. I knew it would happen before it started, not because I am clairvoyant but because Loki has that dog's sense about bad weather. He knows it is coming when it is just a few miles away. At 2:45 he was pacing and drooling. I figured either Christian forgot to walk him last night or it was about to pour. The rain was pretty intense. Loki hated it. I loved it. There are few things I like as much as the sensation of being all cozy in bed while it sounds like the world is coming apart at the seams outside. The storm even woke La Luz up at some point. I don't remember if she actually cried though, I think it was more of a commentary, or an explanation to the animals of what was going on outside.

The most significant thing about the storm this morning was that it served as a great reminder for how fragile some things still are around here and how accustomed to it I (and I guess everyone else living here) have become. The newspeople were frothing at the mouth, people in certain areas of the city were advised to leave their trailers and head to shelters. I forgot that thousands of people are still living in trailers. On the way to work most of the street lights on St. Charles were out or blinking. Rain is not supposed to knock out street lights, unless you are living in a city whose infrastructure might just be hanging on by a thread. When I got to my building parts of the ceiling in the concourse had caved in and there were puddles of plastery rainwater. I remember climbing stairs instead of using elevators for months after Katrina and I never complained. I also remember that the lights in the building would flicker in and out and I never complained. The lights started flickering again this morning and I just sort of sighed. I don't really care all that much it just reminds me that I have gotten used to things being just a bit challenging. I am okay with it but I wonder how long it is going to go on like this. The worst part is, those are simple, inconsequential things.

The rain moved on and around 3 the sun came out again and the temperature dropped, and dropped. It went from about 76 degrees this morning to something really cold tonight. I think the high tomorrow is 60 degrees, which would make for the coldest day yet this year. I can't wait.

La Luz had a great day. After I picked her up from mom's we went to Gerrish's for a bit to have a drink and meet Eric. La Luz spent the entire time playing with Otto, Gerrish's adorable boxer. He was so sweet with La Luz. He is big and clunky though so it was a bit tricky letting them play together. When it was time to go La Luz threw a fit because she wanted to stay and play with Otto. The entire ride home she kept asking to play with him.

Christian had volleyball tonight so we were on our own. When we got home she putzed around the kitchen while I washed some dishes. She was acting like a busy body, going to and fro with her hands filled with keys, baby, purse, and bottle. The usual nightly routine.

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