Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving Thanks

On this day last year my beautiful nephew Liam was born. I have never felt further away from my family in Atlanta than I did on that day. Once we learned that Liam had arrived I wanted, more than anything, to be there to hold him and shower him with love. Instead, we had to celebrate in our own way, waiting anxiously for the next batch of pictures and news of his latest tricks.
Here was our first look at Liam:

Over the past year we have watchd Liam turn into a blond, blue-eyed, bundle of joy. Whenever La Luz and Liam are together the contrast in their coloring is incredible - La Luz, so mediterranean and Liam, so aryan. It is perplexing that they share the same blood. Their personalities are completely different as well. It is no secret that I longed for (and still do) a snuggly baby and La Luz will have none of it. Liam was the answer to my prayers. I remember the first time I held him he let me squeeze him and hold him close to me for hours.

So, here I am one year later, feeling so far away and wishing all over again for the chance to hold Liam. Instead, just like last year, I will have to be satisfied with pictures and the hope that when we visit in December he will curl up into my arms and sit on my lap for hours on end. Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We love you and miss you more than ever! Aunt Julie, Uncle Chris, and Lucy!

Oh yea, and I hope everyone enjoys a nice dinner with friends and family followed by a long nap. I have so many reasons to give thanks this year but rather than do it all today I will just start with being thankful for Liam.

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