Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night

Fortunately, I seem to have made an almost complete recovery. I am still allowing myself to drink soft drinks and eat carbs operating under the theory that protein, vegetables, and fruit might not be the best things to put in my unstable stomach. Christian feels lousy and now has some cold/congestion/stuffiness similar to what he had last week. It is also the end of volleyball season which means it is state playoff time which means Christian is never around. I am getting sort of weary of this 'sick dad'/volleyball dad stuff because child rearing is not a one-person job. Plus, occasionally La Luz prefers his company to mine, and, let's face it, who can blame her?

Mid-term election night in the Vaicius household has been like any other busy week night. While La Luz busied herself with the old game of 'lock, announce your arrival, unlock, say goodbye' with the french doors, Christian and I watched some tv. We have been watching the election returns for most of the night and, with the exception of some of the national races, there is no clear winner in any of the races I care about. I mean, it mystifies me that winners of the St. James Parish School Board Presidency and Lutcher Fire Chief are decided before the polls close but I will have to stay up all night or wait until the morning to find out who will be the one lucky enough to be in a run-off with Jefferson (which brings up another thing that mystifies me but I will save it for the run-off).

Instead of staying up all night to, in all likelihood, be disappointed, I think I might as well go to sleep.

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TOITA said...

Hey dudes!! Hope you are feeling much better...
I can see what is going on on this elections! WOW! I don`t want to be near "Babe" this days..poor Cathie...hahahahaha!
Take Care you all...and ask Lucesita to call me more often!! hahaha!