Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little Chinese Food for Thought

Tonight La Luz and I dined with mom-mom and pop because Christian was coaching the first of one of the state championship games and then celebrating the victory at Fat Harry's. At my suggestion, we ordered Chinese food and it was delicious. The fortune, however, was somewhat daunting. It read: You will overcome many obstacles before finding peace. It was not exactly the type of fortune that makes a pint of chicken fried rice sit comfortably in an already weak stomach. Nobody else had the kind of fortune one expects either like, 'great things will come to those who are patient', or, 'a wise man will recognize his kingdom', so I am just going to write it off as one of a bad batch of fortune cookies.

The rest of the night involved more of the same old nightly routine of locking and unlocking the doors. I guess I am just in awe...can this game really be all that entertaining? I am not kidding, she could do this for hours on end. I suppose shouldn't complain.

The new McSweeney's (#21) arrived in the mail today all wonderful looking and enticing. I love that the folks at McSweeney's recognize that there is something incredible about the look and feel of a book. It is the reason why I still prefer to shop for books at an actual store as opposed to online. A brief review while La Luz busied herself with the doors confirmed that it will be a great read. There are some wonderful short stories and interesting art, as always. There's even a Roddy Doyle short story called, The Pram. I am particularly excited about that one since (yawn) babies are now one of my favorite topics. The bonus this time is that interspersed throughout the issue are copies of actual letters received at the Ray Charles office at various times. Not that I am a Ray Charles fan in particular, I just like the concept. The oddest one I have read so far is unsolicited advice to Ray Charles about his diet, no kidding. The writer, the Annointed King of Orange, asks Ray to give up meat and to eat, in this order, 10 oranges, 4 haas avacados, 5 bananas, 5 apples, and 30 grapes. Everyone in the Banos family knows what all that fruit will do to you, bad idea.

Plenty of politics to discuss too but I just don't have the heart. For those of my friends and family who live out of town and are perplexed about the fact that Jefferson is in a run-off, I have no explanation for why it happened and I am very discouraged. Once I stop fuming I will write a bit more about my thoughts with respect to the 2nd district race.

Finally, today La Luz sends birthday shout-outs to Sarah and AJ! Lots of love to both of you.

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TOITA said...

Hey family!!!
Nice to "read" you are all much better than a couple of days ago....I am glad that La Luz is very aware of security measures..She will always lock the door on her way out!! hahaha!
All my love to you all..Miss you tons..