Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let the Race Begin

I have resisted discussing politics because I tend to get a bit wrapped up in my own bull-headed opinions and it puts me in a lousy mood but today I just can't help it. Last night I mentioned to Christian that I thought it was odd and, frankly, a bit dissapointing that Karen Carter hadn't been running any ads on tv and the radio reminding everyone to vote for her as opposed to, oh, a criminal. Christian assured me that they would be starting soon and he was right. Tonight as I was driving home I heard my first attack ad for this run-off and I am glad. People should be reminded about Jefferson's looming indictement. They should be reminded that he is a thief and that he does not have their best interest at heart. They should be reminded that just because he is smart doesn't make it right for him to steal. They should be reminded that he is useless to us, that he has been stripped of his position on the house ways and means committee, and that he has made the citizens of New Orleans, yet again, a laughing stock to the nation. I am tired of that perception and I am embarrassed by it and I can't blame people in other states for wondering what exactly it is that we are doing down here. I think it is disgusting and indescribably vain that Jefferson is even running. If he were a decent human and really cared about the city he would not have been so presumptuous as to even run for re-election. Instead he did, and the people in his district proved him right by getting him into a run-off. I am sickened by the whole mess and am not even all that optimistic about the run-off. I hope I will be listening to a constant barrage of attack ads from Karen Carter's camp this week. Winning the election should have been a cake-walk for her.

Enough. Let's get to the important stuff. Check out this crazy operation:

La Luz apparently sat in a puddle at daycare and I had not updated her change of clothes since the start of the school year so all they had to put her in was an under-sized onesie. She looks like a gigantic sausage. I love it.


Carrie said...

I have seen lots of attack ads from Karen Carter this whole week - I guess it depends on what stations you watch. Have you see the one with the kids spelling out hypocrite and something else - it is awesome.

Julie Vaicius said...

Yea, I saw that one last night. It is great. I never thought I would say that about an attack ad.