Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday Looks Good to Me

La Luz is lucky enough to have jetsetting grandparents, literally. Since the weather was nicer here than it was in Atlanta, Papa-T decided to fly himself and Nana down for the night and spoil La Luz with a surprise visit. Of course, La Luz was ecstatic to spend some time with Nana and Papa doing silly things:

Like playing with the hats Nana brought her:

swinging with Papa at the park:

and hanging out on the deck all morning entertaining us while we drank our coffee:

It was such a nice treat for all of us even if it was a quick visit.

I spent much of the weekend testing out the black and white function on the camera. The camera is almost a year old and, not that it is particularly complicated, I have learned very little about how to operate it. Most of what I can do with the camera involves automatic settings. Christian always makes me feel quilty about the fact that I can't really do anything with it, like I have no right to possess such a fancy thing if I don't care to master the camera's true potential. Honestly, I am dying to learn how to use it but, let's face it, I have very little time after La Luz and, oh yeah, my job. So, what little time I have left over I generally like to put towards something relaxing and the 200 page, 6 point font, camera manual is not it. But, bit by bit, I am adding to my list of capabilities with respect to the camera.

Here are two of my favorites of La Luz:

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