Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Pop

Sixty-one years ago today Pop was born and the world would never be the same and is luckier for it. So am because without him I wouldn't be here and neither would La Luz.
Pop isn't much for birthdays and would probably be satisfied if his came and went without so much as a mention. In our family, however, we like celebrations and traditions are important too. So, we always celebrate his birthday and on good years he actually seems sincerely happy about his presents. Granted, the ones that tend to get the best reception year after year are wine and peanuts, but so be it.

I figured that on the day of his birthday it would be appropriate to post a picture of Pop as a toddler. I am not positive but I think he is two in the picture, close to La Luz's age now. In looking at the picture, I realized that everyone is right, La Luz really does look like Pop and he really was a cute baby. Here, see for yourself:

It is undeniable.

Happy Birthday Pop with all of our love!

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