Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ghost Dad

It is a little quiet around the house because it is the middle of the State volleyball tournament. ASH is doing great and all but I just wish it would hurry up and be over already. La Luz has made it clear that I am not, and Christian is, the "fun" one. Similarly, Loki will generally have little to do with me unless it involves the prospect of a walk or a bone. I am, frankly, a little tired of the long faces and the false hope. La Luz and Loki jerk to attention everytime they hear the sound of an old iron gate in need of wd40 (and there are plenty in the neighborhood) only to be disappointed when nobody climbs the stairs. So, if any of you see Christian, please tell him to hurry up already. Last I remember, he looked something like this:

La Luz still managed to find plenty of joy in her day, however. Check out the pictures of La Luz swinging that mom sent to me while I was at work:

I know, I can't believe this is what is going on while I am quibbling about pretrial statements and continuances. The pictures take me back to what it felt like to spend an afternoon swinging, without a care in the world. A sensation I will now only have through memories.

La Luz sends Aunt Margot a big birthday hug! Have a great day Aunt Margot. Happy Birthday! We love you!


TOI said...

Goood Morniiingg!!!
First of all, I don`t think La Luz sees you as "the boring one"....You are a lot of fun my friend!!!! Cheer up!!! hahahaha!
Please please tell Aunt Margot a Happy B`day from here...I don`t think I have her email!!
Lov ya!!!


NolaMom said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!! How adorable is that "swinging" baby. Hugs and kisses, M