Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You Chase The Light

Today there are two very special birthdays to celebrate. La Luz's friend Camille turned 1 today and you can read all about it at www.theredstick.blogspot.com. Camille happens to be one of the most agreeable, happy babies around. La Luz will always be indebted to Camille for allowing her to break in all of Camille's brand new baby stuff before she was even born when we were Hurricane Katrina evacuees and were living with Camille's mom and dad:

So, Happy Birthday Camille.

One of my best friends, Julian, also celebrates a birthday today. The last time I saw him I was very pregnant and we only got to visit for about an hour. We haven't lived in the same city in over a decade and yet we have somehow managed to stay close for 16 years. I credit Jules with keeping us close. He has always been great about staying in touch - sending letters and later e-mails filled with pictures of fall foliage, snow, apple trees, crowded European streets, interesting architecture, his friends...He will be in town for Christmas and will finally get a chance to meet La Luz. I can't wait. I am already preparing her for their first meeting. Here we are a few months after we first met 16 years ago. We are not sure but we think this might be the only old picture of us together that survived the Hurricane:

Happy Birthday Jule.

Things quieted down a bit at work today, fortunately. I actually made it home at a somewhat decent time and was able to feed La Luz her dinner. Thanks to Uncle Richmond's e-mail we remembered to watch the Peanuts Christmas Special tonight and it was great. La Luz loves Snoopy, and why not.

I was delighted to discover that La Luz's new favorite activity is sweeping the leaves that have collected on the porch, on the steps, and in the front yard. It is incredible how offended she is at the sight of a bunch of leaves. She makes a disgusted face and announces that it is a mess and proceeds to sweep the leaves away with her hands. Christian told me they spent a half hour on the porch this evening clearing it until she was satisfied. Wow. I cannot wait to bust out the broom this weekend. Here she is tending to the leaves:

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