Sunday, November 12, 2006

Victory for ASH and the Return of Christian

The ASH volleyball season ended, finally, and with a bang. They defeated Morgan City to win the State title. Hooray! Needless to say, there was plenty of volleyball going on this weekend and La Luz and I definitely got our fill.

On Friday night La Luz spent the night at mom-mom and pop's so that Christian and I could go to the 'end of the season' volleyball party and stay out all night. La Luz loved the break from the tedium around here and, from what I understand, she was on her best behavior. I think she slept from 8 until 8. Sadly, Christian and I did not really take advantage of the fact that La Luz was spending the night out. I think we were in bed and asleep by midnight. Lame.

Saturday morning after picking up La Luz we went to the playground, our second home on the weekend. We were hoping that one of the great bonuses about the house is the built in entertainment value having the playground and the children's library within walking distance. I think we have already gotten our money's worth. I am dreading the onset of winter when it gets too cold to play outside. Then again, there are generally only about 3 days like that every year.

Catherine happened to be driving by and noticed us so she decided to procrastinate studying for a few more hours. She played with us at the park and even let La Luz chew on her keys. After hanging out at the playground Catherine came back to the house with us for lunch. It was nice to hear all about what is going on in her life. She is doing a rotation in Pineville so she had some entertaining stories about what small-town living has been like over the past few weeks. I guess times have changed though, apparently they sell pre-made sushi at the grocery store near the hospital, so life is not completely challenging.

The volleyball championship was Saturday night so Pop, La Luz, and I headed out to the game to cheer on the team. La Luz was a great sport for the most part and even allowed me to put the red barette in her hair for about ten seconds.

This morning La Luz, Loki, and I went to Audubon Park for a nice, cold run. It took a long time. I like to blame the speed (or non-speed rather) on Loki having to smell every square inch of the park and the heft of the stroller, but I think those are excuses. Meanwhile, Christian slept late. He surfaced at some point and when La Luz saw him it was like she had discovered some old toy she used to play with every day but then forgot about. The excitement was short lived, however, because Christian had to go to a Cajunland clinic this morning and then had to watch the Saints game with Uncle Rich. In the little time available he somehow managed to take La Luz to the playground for some swinging and sliding which meant that I had thirty minutes to myself. I poured a cup of coffee and stared out of the window - talk about a gross misallocation of time. I seem to have squandered a bunch this weekend.

At the end of the day we had jambalaya and pecan pie at mom's. It was a treat to not have to cook and to have a real meal. Lately I have been living on Gardenburgers and La Luz's leftover Spaghettios. Oh, and wine and Halloween candy. Disgusting.

The week is going to be a real treat starting with a 9 a.m. hearing in Lafayette. It has been a while since Christian has had a solo morning so keep your fingers crossed that they make it out of the house fed and fully clothed.

Two more birthday shout-outs today! Aunt Lucy, La Luz's namesake in Houston - lots of hugs and kisses for you and Uncle David and Happy Birthday. And, to Toita in Argentina - Happy Birthday! I will try to get La Luz to call you and say "hola, Toi", besos!

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TOITA said...

Thank youu!!!! Jules, thanks a lot for the Birthday shout..It made it`s way...I would DIE if I hear Lucesita calling don`t play with my heart! I am getting older!!
I will use your blog to thank Aunt Margot and Cathie for their emails...And all of "my family"..I miss you al guys...! Thanks for being near me and making me feel part of "the gang" over this years...