Sunday, February 18, 2007

Because It's Carnival Time

There is no question that Carnival is in full swing. We started off the weekend with some parade-watching on Friday night and La Luz was having a great time despite the ridiculously cold weather and the fact that it was well past her bedtime. Here she is with Christian in her ladder...

On Saturday her enthusiasm for parading had dwindled a bit and we spent more time looking at leaves in the front yard than we did at the parade. I assumed she just needed a break and would rebound just in time for Thoth but I was wrong. In addition to not really digging the parade scene La Luz wasn't really in a social mood today which made it a bit tricky to have a house full of guests. I hated that she wasn't her usual, congenial self but she is a toddler and, as such, is completely unpredictable. She didn't realize how important it was that her friend Camille came all the way from Baton Rouge to check out the parades with her.

Instead, she prefered to sit in her Elmo chair and watch Dora.

She cared for a second that Conor wanted to ride in the wagon with her and blow bubbles but that didn't last long. She didn't care that baby Betsy and Baby Edward were all ready to catch beads, she prefered to run around the house reminding all of the guests which things were hers. Dollhouse, 'mine'...sippy cup, 'mine'...television, 'mine'...mommy's leg, 'mine'. It was exhausting and disapointing but WAY beyond my control.

La Luz's mood notwithstanding, the day was excellent. The house was filled with family, friends, and great food and the weather was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a nicer day or a greater group of people to spend it with.

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