Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Little Afternoon Indulgence

I had depositions in Metairie this afternoon and when they ended I walked outside and decided that if I went back to the office for the last hour of work then there's just no hope for me. There are only a handful of days like today in a year and that means there are only a few handfuls of gorgeous afternoons to spend with La Luz in her entire life.

When I arrived at mom-mom's La Luz was on the porch listening to Molly's ipod. We decided to go for a spin around the park, look at the ducks, and enjoy the sunset. It was the most well-spent hour in a long time.


Molly said...

I look like a Muppet in that picture.
It's a good picture of Lucy, though.

Anonymous said...

y'all all look beautiful. i did it too, today-- had to go to traffic court and then just couldn't bring myself to go back to the hospital. days like this need to be celebrated.
love neets