Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Friendly Reminder

Despite the cold and mostly gray weather we managed to have a lovely weekend overall, with the exception of the hour or so of anxiety-induced intestinal distress I endured when Christian told me we received a statement from the bank about the escrow for our house and that our monthly payments increased $225. There's no question that we were already cutting it close to live in this beautiful house in this ideal neighborhood. Now I am not really sure how it is all supposed to work out. Last month it was the crime, this month it is economics making me question my decision to live in New Orleans. Fortunately for this month, it is also Mardi Gras.

On Friday night La Luz, Christian, Molly, and I had dinner at Ninja and watched An Inconvenient Truth. I loved the sushi, as always, and the documentary was excellent. It sort of took all of the fun out of it that following the release of the report from the U.N. panel on global warming earlier this week even Fox News admitted that global warming is, at least they are 90% sure, the result of mankind. Nevertheless, it was still excellent and worth watching and also extremely frustrating because it reminds you that we should all be doing so much more. Al Gore was so comfortable, so convincing, so passionate. I wish I would have seen more of that Al Gore when he was running for President because then maybe he would have, eh...

Saturday morning La Luz and I went to the playground on Laurel St. with my friend Monique and her little girl. They had a great time swinging and sliding and La Luz finally met her match in toddler greed. It was funny to watch two babies jockeying for toys.

Christian and I went to Krewe du Vieux on Saturday night with Richmond and some of our friends while Kelsea babysat for La Luz and our friends' kids. Parking was nightmarish and the crowd in the Marigny around dba was unreal but I had a great night anyway. KdV is my favorite way to kick off the Mardi Gras season. I love the raunchiness and the satire. You can check out my pics on flickr (see the link above and to the left) but if you are easily offended, please refrain. After the parade we went to Slice for some pizza and a few beers. It was an excellent night and a good reason to live in the city of New Orleans.

While Christian slept a bit La Luz, Loki, and I went for a quick run. When we got home La Luz ate some waffles while I watched Paula Dean and drank a pot of coffee, our typical Sunday routine when we don't go to PJs. Later in the morning we went to mass and, of course, the playground for more swinging and sliding. Tonight while Christian and La Luz watched the Superbowl at Catherine and Steven's (La Luz actually spent the majority of the evening chasing around poor Mr. Cat) I went to the Palace with mom, Molly, and Margarita to see The Queen. It was good but not as outstanding as I had hoped and, frankly, a bit slow. It is worth it to see Helen Mirren because she could very easily win an Oscar for her role, but Netflix it.

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