Monday, February 05, 2007

Look Who Is Moving In

I think the gift basket on our doorstep means that it is official - Cottage Living selected the vacant lot three houses down from us on Camp Street as the site for their Dream Home 2007. When we moved to the neighborhood the house on that lot was abandoned and blighted. The Preservation Resource Center bought the house (for a pretty penny I might add) and partnered with Cottage Living to make it the site for the next dream home. The proceeds from the sale of the house will go to the PRC. The gift basket from the folks at Cottage Living is nice but I can't help but feel like I am being bribed. But I can't think of anything to complain about wtih respect to the project, except that there will be even less parking on the block (which wouldn't have mattered because I had plans to build the driveway this summer...until I learned about the astronomical increase in our escrow payments). The building itself is going to be a modular home. At first I was concerned but the people I know in the construction industry have informed me that modular building is totally legit. The Cottage Living people have promised to design it with the neighborhood architecture in mind. It will look like it belongs here. The inside will, of course, be decked out in great style. They are going to have a sneak-preview open house for the neighbors so I will wait to cast judgment until I see the final result. In the meantime, I will enjoy my year subscription to Cottage Living and my oversized, orange, Cottage Living water bottle. I already put the basket to great use - it is holding the diapers and wipes that we keep downstairs...very handy.

Here's a picture I took of La Luz on Saturday as she was throwing an absolute fit because she wanted to go to the park and slide. It was about 5:30, cold, and dark. She won. I am quickly learning that I am not a disciplinarian. I figured it would be a good idea to include a picture of La Luz acting like a real toddler and pitching a fit because you don't really get the sense that she is anything less than perfect reading the blog.

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