Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hard-headed Goofball

Today when mom-mom picked La Luz up from daycare she had a large bump on her forehead. There's not telling how it happened and La Luz has been climbing all over the furniture and the toys at daycare for the past few months despite being told many times each day to stop. I know it is nobody's fault but it still bothers me. It looks like it must have hurt, alot.

You can't really see it in these pictures of La Luz shoving an entire Ritz cracker in her mouth but trust me, it's there.


TOITA said...

My baby!!! hahaha! I is inevitable...and thank god she already had those...I hate babies that never had a mosquito is not normal..but it breaks your heart right? It happened to me with IƱaki, I was crying more than the poor kid!!
Take care of my niece!! hahaha! Miss you tons my friend!!


Anonymous said...

Before I read one word, I looked at that adorable face and said, "Goofball!!!" How precious can you get? Love, M