Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 2007 Mix

Because he is sweet and knows I love music, Christian generally makes me a mix a month. I get to listen to the new tunes he has heard and thinks I might like and figure out what cds I might be interested in purchasing. It is a treat and something that I look forward to each month. This month's mix is:

1. 23 - Blonde Redhead
2. Ooh La - The Kooks
3. Jackie Big Tits - The Kooks
4. Flathead - The Fratellis
5. Whistle for the Choir - The Fratellis
6. The Prayer - Bloc Party
7. Song for the Clay - Bloc Party
8. Hang Me Up to Dry - Cold War Kids
9. Hospital Beds - Cold War Kids
10. History Song - The Good, the Bad and the Queen
11. Herculean - The Good, the Bad and the Queen
12. Nature of the Experiment - Tokyo Police Club
13. Be Good - Tokyo Police Club
14. Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
15. Hours - TV on the Radio
16. Mother, Sisters, Daughters & Wives - Voxtrot
17. Rise Up in the Dirt - Voxtrot
18. Tape It - Winterkids
19. Who Am I Kidding - Winterkids
20. The Canals of Our City - Beirut
21. Mount Wroclai - Beirut

I know he can pretty much predict the ones that I am going to like. On this particular mix he picked two tracks from each band and it was obvious to me from the first listen that there is one song for each of us from every band on the mix. Though we generally like the same musicians, our choices for the overall album favorites are generally not the same.

At any rate, my favorites are, not necessarily in order - 23 (Blonde Redhead because I love everything that they do. They are one of the bands I referred to in yesterday's post when I mentioned that La Luz had attended a few concerts in utero); Hours (TVotR because the girl from Blonde Redhead sings on this one); Who Am I Kidding (Winterkids - I love her voice and don't know anything about this band); Rise Up in the Dirt (Voxtrot - because it is all easy harmony and nice beat); Whistle for the Choir (Fratellis - for the same reason as the Voxtrot song); Song for Clay (Bloc Party - very pretty) and both Beirut songs because they don't sound like anything else out there right now and, of course, both The Good, the Bad and The Queen songs - can't wait to see them when they play next month.

For those of you less interested in the music, here is a picture of La Luz that mom-mom took with her new camera. Did I mention that she is leaving in about a week and a half for South Africa and will be there for two weeks? I am not sure how La Luz is going to do without her human security blanket for two entire weeks.

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Scarlet said...

Well - I just logged on to Napster, and listened to a few of these songs. I feel so un-hip, because most of the songs on my Zen are from the 70s - mostly disco! I've always been curious about your and Christian's vast music collection. Thanks for sharing!